When it comes to preparing taxes it's not what you know or think you know that's important...but what you really don't know. The Tax Code is not always black and white and can be extremely complicated. It can also apply differently to different people depending on each person's particular financial situation. The Tax Code has had major revisions in 45 of the last 48 years and there have been over 3,500 tax law changes since the year 2000.

You should ask yourself if you are prepared to invest the right amount of time to adequately prepare your own taxes. In 2013, the IRS reported that it took the average taxpayer 23 hours to do his or her 2010 tax return and 32 hours if they had their own business or rental properties that needed to be reported.

In a lot of cases, having your individual return prepared professionally will save you more than it costs to have it prepared professionally. Our understanding of your personal tax situation combined with our knowledge of how to apply new and existing tax savings opportunities will often result in increased savings annually.


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