Tax Planning

APA understands that nobody likes unexpected tax obligations, and that’s why we focus on preparing our clients and avoiding unpleasant surprises. If you're selling an asset or need to make estimated quarterly payments, let us take the guesswork out of your taxes.

Tax Preparation

You may dread a mountain of year-end paperwork, but the APA experts take a proactive approach to ensure you’re up to date, rather than playing catch-up, and we’ll also ensure you get every deduction you’re due. Accurate, friendly, and reliable…that’s the APA way.

IRS Representation

Facing a tax audit or received notice of a lien? APA employs tax preparers who can negotiate on your behalf. We know navigating tax difficulties can be stressful, but we have years of successful experience handling complex tax matters at both the federal and state levels, and we specialize in helping clients qualify for IRS debt reduction programs like Fresh Start and Offer In Compromise (OIC).

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